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Trustee members provide a foundation of guidance and leadership. This partnership provides direction and support for the Chamber, ultimately leading to continued member growth and engagement.

Trustee Membership includes a seat on the Board of Trustees, a non-fiduciary advisory board which meets quarterly. Trustee Members play a large part in shaping the direction of the Chamber, leadership, policy, and interaction with other key business leaders in East Orange County. The benefit for the Trustee is great and the foundation they provide for the Chamber is immeasurable.

We Care for Millions, But Specialize in You

The Florida Hospital providers you know and the care you trust are now unified under one name: AdventHealth. Our network is stronger than ever, inspired by the shared promise of whole-person care for your family and the entire community.

The transformation to AdventHealth means more than 80,000 healing hands, 5,000 medical minds and over 1,000 care locations can support you at every age and stage.

We know exceptional health care isn’t one-size-fits-all. That’s why our compassionate teams use the latest tools, techniques and advanced medical procedures to design a completely personalized plan for you.

And to make it as convenient as possible to get the care you need, we also offer virtual physician visits, online scheduling, care coordinators and a patient portal — all in one online location.

Our whole-hearted commitment to your well-being means we may have a new name, but we still know yours.


“Employee Benefits Specialists”

At Avalon Insurance Services, LLC we increase your company’s bottom line by protecting its most valuable assets, the employees.

No two companies are the same therefor, no two companies should be treated as such. Each company has their own unique attributes, challenges, needs and culture that is specific to their business. Whether your company has two employees or over 2,000 employees, understanding these unique characteristics will allow for a custom benefit plan that is built for your company and its most valuable assets, your employees! Avalon Insurance Services, LLC currently services thousands of employees throughout the nation by using this business model, years of experience, knowledge, resources and industry relations.

Please feel free to contact us for a No Cost Consultation to your business to learn more about the great services we offer.

Diversified Asset Ownership and Management Group

Avalon Park Group is a uniquely diversified family of companies engaged in businesses ranging from master-planned community development, to home building, mining, geographical information systems and property management, in Florida, Texas and Switzerland.

With more than $500 million in total assets, Avalon Park Group combines its exceptional reputation, sound business experience and significant financial resources to invest in extraordinary opportunities. Avalon Park Group focuses on real estate development and related supplies and services sectors while staying receptive to the possibilities that a wind range of other investment types may present.

The future of train travel is here with Brightline

Think you know train travel?  Brightline is a high-speed passenger rail system that is redefining train travel in America.  Launched in 2018 in Florida, Brightline was designed to take cars off the rad and offer millions of travelers an eco-friendly way to move between the nation's most visited city pairs.


Train travel is Great!  Current trends have made rail even more attractive.  There is an increased demand for a touchless travel experience, working on-the-go, and a more eco-friendly way to travel.

What We Do

We are one of the largest electric power holding companies in the United States, providing electricity to 7.7 million retail customers in six states. We have approximately 51,000 megawatts of electric generating capacity in the Carolinas, the Midwest and Florida – and natural gas distribution services serving more than 1.6 million customers in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and the Carolinas.

Our commercial business owns and operates diverse power generation assets in North America, including a portfolio of renewable energy assets. We are transforming our customers’ experience, modernizing our energy grid, generating cleaner energy and expanding our natural gas infrastructure to create a smarter energy future for our customers.

A trusted leader inspiring hope through the advancement of health

Orlando Health is one of Florida's most comprehensive private, not-for-profit healthcare networks, and is based in Orlando, FL. Our facilities, advanced medical treatments and procedures, and highly qualified staff have distinguished Orlando Health as a healthcare leader for nearly two million Central Florida residents and 10,000 international visitors annually.

Orlando Health is invested in guiding our patients — as well as our team members and the community — toward optimal health and well-being. Enhancement in services such as coordinated care, health screenings and lifestyle counseling can benefit all, from children to adults, and lead to improved detection, management and even prevention of many diseases and chronic illnesses.

About The Orlando Law Group

When Attorney Jennifer Englert founded The Orlando Law Group in 2009, her vision was to create a firm where people could connect with legal experts who cared. Today, this means providing a voice to the voiceless and strength to the overpowered. It means we do a lot of listening, so we can understand your challenges and goals. And it means providing the expert legal advice you need to overcome those challenges and get the results you need to achieve your goals.

At The Orlando Law Group, we are friendly and approachable. No matter what your circumstances are, we greet you warmly and professionally when you visit our office so we can connect with you and better understand what your needs are. One of our guiding principles is open, honest communication, both during our initial consultation and throughout your case. We want to make sure you understand what’s going on at all times and feel confident that your interests are being taken care of.

Your Home Town Bank

Trustco Bank has been the low cost provider of high quality products and services since opening for business in 1902 in the upstate town of Schenectady, New York. Throughout this time Trustco Bank has remained true to core banking principles and did not get caught up in any of the latest banking fads that have caused so many other banks to close their doors over the years. In 2002, the company began a large expansion, opening over 80 new branches in Central Florida, Massachusetts, downstate New York, New Jersey, and Vermont.

Today, Trustco Bank has 148 branch locations, 53 of which are in the state of Florida. The Bank believes in old school, personal service and welcomes each customer by name as they enter the branch. Offering a wide variety of great deposit and loan products, the bank specializes in residential mortgage lending.

As of December 31, 2019, Trustco Bank' s assets were $5.2 Billion. Trustco Bank has paid dividends to its shareholders for over 100 consecutive years, and has remained profitable throughout its history, including the recent financial crisis. In April 2018, S&P Global Intelligence rated Trustco Bank the 15th best performing savings bank in the country. Trustco Bank is traded on the NASDAQ under TRST.

South University

South University is an academic institution dedicated to providing educational opportunities for the intellectual, social, and professional development of a diverse student population.

The institution offers focused and balanced programs at the associate’s, baccalaureate, master’s and doctoral levels. A broad-based core curriculum is offered, promoting critical thinking, effective verbal and written communication, and skills for life-long learning. Additionally, the University focuses on developing the requisites to appreciate knowledge as well as a pursuit of lifelong learning.

South University’s approach to higher education and the resulting flexible academic experiences provide students with the intellectual insight and sensible approach necessary to create the foundation for personal and professional fulfillment. South University has a goal to provide a comprehensive education that instills within its students a philosophy that values not only learning and professionalism, but also contribution and commitment to the advancement of community.

Believing that qualified individuals should have the privilege of formal academic training, South University welcomes those who seek educational challenges. To this end, the University provides a learning environment, both on campus and online, that helps students identify goals and the means to achieve them. With this philosophy in mind, students learn by interacting with a community of faculty, staff, and administration dedicated to South University’s academic purpose.

Suburban Land Reserve

Suburban Land Reserve's affiliate Farmland Reserve has oowned Deseret Ranch for more than 60 years we have farmed and ranched this beautiful landscape. With a focus on raising high-quality calves and increasing the productive capacity of the land, we are proud to carry on Florida’s ranching heritage. We are also proud to take care of the natural resources found here and the many species of wildlife that share the landscape with us. Our six decades of experience give us a unique perspective as we plan for the future, ensuring that Central Florida remains a great place to call home.